Hello and welcome!

We’ve finally decided to start my own blog where I’ll share with you all the accomplishments and achievements of our organization, as well as news and up coming events of all sorts. For example, next month, we will be celebrating our inauguration with a retirement to our camp, where all the kids have access to all sorts of amenities to help them feel more secure and comfortable during those days away of their families. Among them, they will have access to 4-person bedrooms, one bathroom per room bunk-beds with foam mattresses, etc.

We opted for foam mattress because we’ve learn that kids need to have a good night sleep to feel healthy and fresh in the mornings. We found black friday mattress sale, so it was a little extra cheap getting those mattresses. You can check them at that link.

We strongly believe that our youth needs to be prepare for the near future and be ready to start their own life and be capable of their own life choices. And we feel that the accomplish that with our retirements.