Order My Steps comes to your school! The growth tracking plan is designed for students who generally struggle with self-esteem, motivation, behavior and academics. The school will hand pick 35 students who fall under this category. During the course of the program, we will track their self-confidence, grades and behavior.

• Self-confidence will be measured by students filling out a self-assessment on the first and last day of the program. This will allow us to see how much students grew throughout the course of the program.
• Grades will be checked during each grading period. We will be documenting students’ grades for each core subject. Our goal is to see improvement during each grading period. When a student is falling behind, we will work with teachers to find strategies to help the student improve.
• Behavior will be monitored with monthly check-ins. If we realize a student needs more assistance, we will move to bi-weekly or weekly check-ins and create a plan of action for the student.

Our goal is to change students’ personal outlook on themselves. Our results have shown when students start to believe in themselves and are motivated by a good cause, they do better in their academics. With this program, 80% of our students have ended the school year with passing grades in all of their classes. Of that 80%, 10% maintained a C-average, 35% maintained a B-average and 35% maintained an A-average. Schools will continue to teach students about academics while Order My Steps will reinforce those academics through developmental skills as an individual and teammate.

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“The Sheridan Star Steppers have made a major impact at Sheridan Elementary. The team works extremely hard to maintain their grades and behavior. Team effort is important for the success of the Star Steppers and it’s a character trait that will help them in other areas of their lives. The bonding experience with the team members and coaches are extremely rewarding to the students. Some of the students really start to come out of their shell. The students are extremely proud to be on the team and they represent the school to the highest level!”

Jacqueline Jackson

Language Arts Teacher, Sheridan Elementary School
“The Star Steppers has been a great asset to the students here. It has helped many students learn to manage their time. They have practice multiple times a week as well as events throughout the year. The students learn to do homework and study on the other days. It is stressed from day one that they are a student first and a stepper second! If it helps a couple of students do better in school that is a huge impact that will last them forever.”

Tracey Sherrod

Math Teacher, Sheridan Elementary School
“I feel the Star Steppers was the best thing that could have happened to Sheridan Elementary! It gave the kids something to aim towards and have a goal to be the best. The coaching staff made sure parents was aware of any upcoming events in a timely manner and they included the parents in some decision making. My child was chosen to go to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. It showed her that if she works hard and aims for a big goal, it could happen.”

Tameka Owens

“This program gave my child more confidence and self-awareness of facing different walks in life. The program has taught her responsibility and the true meaning of leadership. To who much is given, much is required: I believe this lesson she has learned throughout her years in the program.”

Tanika Aggison

“Being on this team helped me improve my grades and behavior. Without the step team, I wouldn’t feel I belong anywhere.”

Nicolas Valadez